Thursday, April 14, 2011

STID 1103

Name : mohd shah rizan b. mohd rozi.
matrix no : 125927.

Age : 22 years old.
Qualification : Bachelors of international business management.
University : University Utara Malaysia.
From : Terengganu.

dear sir Tarmizi,
thanks because teaching me about the computer programe. with the knowledge & skill i get from you, its can help me to survive & compete in the new world after i finish my study in UUM. before i take this subject, i dont have blog. im never imagine that i can have a blog. i dont like to expand more time with write something & sharing in the blog...but, after i take Stid 1103..i have a blog and i like to write & share something...thanks.

i want you know something. in first class...when you tell your so jealous. you have what i dream. u have P.h.d...u have many experience in oversea..u expert in computer..u also a extrema person when u have a awesome hobby. u have 4 (4x4) to drive in your free time. maybe u also have DSLR to shoot a amazing picture in the jungle. i want to visit your house in the jungle. i want to surpass you in the future. so English so broken...hehehe.

so sorry from me,
shah rizan 125927

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